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Valentine's Day

Updated: Jan 22

I have a few different things that I'm planning for Valentine's Day this year.

Scroll to view the different set options.

Whipped Cream + Cherries (or strawberries).

This will be a fun set to do with a couple, but could also be used on a single session!

I'll supply everything we need. If you're wanting a photo of it looking real nice & standing up, I'll have shaving cream as well. It looks like whipped cream, but doesn't fall down nearly as quick.

The retro set will be pinked up even more than it already is! I have a pink queen of hearts poster for the wall, some shiny pink to add to the top of the TV, a heart shaped disco ball & more!

You'll have a few different options for the bedroom set. I have red, light pink or hot pink satin sheets, a light pink fur blanket and a light pink velvet comforter. We can throw the pink comforter over satin sheets and take it off halfway through your photoshoot for a different look.

The starlight set can be done with all pink, all red or a mix of both to give a more valentine vibe!

Think RED for this last set.

Newspaper, red neon lights, sparkly backdrop, fluffy heart shaped rug, red rose petals, balloons, lipstick and more.


So what's the deal?

The bedroom set is always included with my sessions - you choose the sheet / comforter.

The Retro Set AND The Red Set will be FREE! Add them to any Valentines Session and still get your other bonus options that come with your collection! PLUS add the whip cream and cherries to any of your sets.

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