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From Beginning to End - A Boudoir Session with PBB

Hey, Babe! I'm guessing you're here because you're interested in booking a boudoir session with me and what to know more about what it's like? Well, you're in the right place! Let's start from the very beginning...

Booking the Pre-Shoot Consultation

Whether you're a new or repeat client, a consultation is something that's required when booking a session with me. We can go over what a session is like, what you're looking for, questions you have, availability and more. If you're ready to book, we'll do that at the end. Otherwise, you can take some time to think about it and get back to me.

What's needed to book?

Booking will be done over the phone - Either at the end of your consultation or we'll schedule a call time when you text me that you're ready to book after your consultation. When we're on the phone, we'll go over everything needed to book: date, time, collection, bonus options, payment and more. I offer 2-12 month in house prepayment plans, so there's no credit check. I also offer 5% off if you choose to pay in full when booking. Once I have all of this information from you, I can get your boudoir experience with me started!

After Booking, But Before the Session

You're always more than welcome to text me with questions or concerns. I am here for you every step of the way. No question is a silly question. You'll be receiving preparation emails from me. Things like: do's and don'ts, shopping lists, questionnaire, reminders, ect. Feel free to respond to the email or shoot me a text if you have questions about them.

The Morning of Your Session

I always suggest taking the day off of work for your session. Pamper yourself. This is YOUR DAY to feel like a queen. Sleep in, eat a light breakfast, shower, put some comfy clothes on, pack your bag and head over to the studio.

Before the Photoshoot

The first thing we'll do when you arrive at the studio in your comfy clothes is go through your bag to see what you brought and you can look through my client closet (XS-3X) to see what you like. I have things like bodysuits, 2-5 piece sets, fishnets, heels and more. We'll decide on outfits and then get you into the hair and makeup chair where my artists will make sure you're pampered and well taken care of. They do anything from natural to glam, lashes or no lashes and then a simple straighten or curl of the hair. At the end, if there's anything you don't like, you can let them know so they can make changes.

The Photoshoot

I know this is the scariest part, but once we've been introduced and we've chatted in the hair and makeup chair, your nerves will lessen. Your favorite music will be playing the entire time, so it'll never be quiet in the studio. I'll get into every pose before you do. Once you're in the pose, I'll coach and tweak you until you look your absolute best. You'll hear me hyping you up and will see the back of my camera, so you'll know I'm not lying when I say you're looking HOT. At the very end of your session, if you want to do anything topless or nude, we can definitely do that. We can also cover you in the sheets to give an implied nude look. If you're not feeling it, I won't push it.

The Reveal

Once we're finished with the photoshoot portion of your session, we'll break for 30-60 minutes while I cull and lightly edit your images. You can leave to run an errand, grab a bite to eat or stick around the studio with me. Then, we'll be able to view your images on my TV and you can choose the ones you can't live without. Some of my collections come with take home prints, so you can have a 4x6 photo of you to bring home that same day.

After the Session

You'll walk out of my studio feeling a whole new level of confidence. I'll take your images home so they can be fully edited. As I work on your images, I'll upload them to your online gallery, so you can get sneak peeks and make sure I'm not taking out anything I shouldn't be. I remove pimples, bruises, some scars, cellulite, lightly smooth the skin and other adjustments I might see fit. I do not nip and tuck. Everything you see is done in camera. I ask for 6-8 weeks to get you everything back - digitals and/or physical product.


Ready to Book?

Already had your consultation? Shoot me a text letting me know that you're ready to book!

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