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The Ultimate Date Night

These sessions are going to be set up and ready to go! From the picnic blanket, decor, food, drinks and flowers - I've got you covered! We'll be prepared to capture the most gorgeous, fun date night you've ever experienced. Something you two will talk about and look back on for years to come.

We can get as mild or spicy as you'd like! Stay mostly clothed or get down to barely anything. Use the creek or stay up in the field by the picnic set. It's up to you!

I've curated special collections for these sessions that will take the worrying out of picking your favorites - because you get them all! On top of the fact that they will be further customized for you, I am still offering flexible payment options.

Upon booking, you'll receive your contract and a text from me. The text is to get us set up for a phone consultation. This is where we'll go over details like what you're going to wear, what type of colors you like, what type of food and drink you want and so much more. I'll also be able to answer any questions you or your partner may have.

Your $299 retainer is used to book the date, time and details of your session, but will be taken off of your total amount owed after choosing your collection.

How to Book / More Info

Click below to select a date and time, fill out your info and select next to view your collection and payment options. Pay your retainer after filling out the form and you're all set! You'll be sent a contract and text so we can get things customized for you!

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