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The bedroom set comes with every studio session. The bed, mirror, round loveseat, windows and floor are all areas we use in the bedroom set.


The plant swing is the first "set" I made that wasn't the bedroom. It's one of my favorites, I don't think I'll ever get rid of it. The swing, leaf wall, room divider and floor are all areas we can use on this set.


This one always surprises my clients when they see it in person. It's a piece of plexiglass that I spray with water. Simple, but gorgeous and loved by many!


This is a set that I'm most proud of. I spent months getting it ready. The retro chair, gummy bear chair, photo wall, TV, zebra carpet, window by the phone and disco ball are all areas that can be used on this set. I have different filters I can add to my camera to give a different vibe to your photos. We can add neon lights, keep the natural light or so a mix of both.