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Ready to Purchase the Best Gift Ever?!

I'll be in contact with you shortly after to chat more about her gift and to collect payment.

What is Boudoir

Boudoir is tastefully done, partial or full nude photography.

Why Boudoir

Have you ever told your woman how beautiful she is, to only hear her say..."ya right.” Now is your chance to get her a gift that will change those words to “You’re damn right!!” A boudoir photoshoot with Paytn Blanke is more than a photoshoot. It’s an empowering experience that will leave your lady feeling a whole new level of confidence - it's happened with over 150 women who have worked with Paytn! PLUS, as a thank you, she might share the photos with you. Let me help her see what you see everyday!

What Will She Get

From booking to leaving the studio, your women will be well taken care of.

She'll book her photoshoot date. If you pay in full, she can book at anytime. If you are on a prepayment plan, she can book once it's complete.

Then, we'll book her pre-shoot consultation. These are done in person at my studio or over video chat. I'll explain what her entire experience will be like, give a studio tour, show sample products and more - Plus answer any questions she might have.

She'll receive a pre-shoot questionnaire to help me better customize her experience, as well as a few different emails with information about her session and how to prepare.

She'll be greeted by her favorite music, myself and my makeup artist upon entering my studio the day of her photoshoot. She can wear comfy clothes, come with no makeup on and her hair dried. Myself and my makeup artist will take care of the rest! From natural to glam, lashes or no lashes, my makeup artists can do it all.

She is more than welcome to bring her own outfits, or choose from my client closet that has 200+ lingerie pieces ranging from sizes XS-3X. Have a favorite t-shirt or button-up you want to see her in? She can bring that as well! Have a motorcycle or truck/car you want to incorporate? I can make that happen! I have private, outdoor locations and access to the Plymouth Laziboy Carwash.

During the photoshoot portion we can start her off in her least revealing or most comfortable outfit to help shake the nerves. I'll get into every pose before she does, so there's no confusion, worry or need for her to study. Once she's in the pose, I'll tweak and coach her, making sure that she looks her absolute best. I'll also be her hype girl! Making sure she feels comfortable and knows that she's a sexy, badass QUEEN! There's no need for her to get naked, but topless or full nude is offered at the end of her photoshoot. We can even cover her lingerie with a white bed sheet, implying the nude look. 

45 Minutes after the photoshoot portion, she'll be able to view her final gallery of images and choose the ones she can't live without. Want to be at this appointment to help her decide? Ask her and I can let you know what time to come!

She'll walk out of my studio with her head held high, feeling a whole new level of confidence, and will want to run home to tell you all about the amazing experience you got her!

Will You Share Her Images

Not without her permission! At the end of her session, once she's viewed her images, I have a 5 option model release. One of those options being that I cannot share her images. Her privacy, comfort and safety are my number one concerns.

Want to Join Her?

I offer couples session as well!

How Do I Give This to Her

After purchasing you'll be given a gift certificate with an information packet and swag to get her excited for her boudoir experience! I can ship it to you for an additional fee, give it to Ryan if you're on his route or we can meet in Sheboygan Falls at my studio. Want me to wrap it all up for Christmas, Valentines Day, her Birthday, etc.? I can do that as well!

Ready to Purchase the Best Gift Ever?!

I'll be in contact with you shortly after to chat more about her gift and to collect payment.

I know that was a TON of information, but I want you to know exactly what you (and her) are getting. It's a FULL experience. She will be well taken care of from booking to leaving the studio. In fact, I only book one session per day to ensure my full attention is given to ONLY that babe.

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