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Photographer Boudie Vacation!

Rough Schedule
We may add more fun things to this.
Everyone will receive a swag bag upon entry to the mansion.
Friday 4/9/21
Check in: 4pm
You can arrive anytime after that.
Pick out your room and get comfy.
Meet & Greet
We can all introduce ourselves!
Dinner: we'll be going out to dinner that night. This is the only meal you need to pay for. We can all go to the same place, order in, or split up.
Plan our shoots for the next day
Saturday 4/10/21
This is the main "photo taking" day!
There's tons of bathrooms we can use, bedrooms, the living room is gorgeous, along with the outdoor areas!
Sunrise sessions if you'd like (weather permitting)
Breakfast will be provided!
Photos in between
Lunch will be provided!
Photos in between
Dinner will be provided!
Photos in between

Pajama Party PLUS S'Mores!
We'll all get together in our PJ's around the camp fire to talk about anything and everything! Have questions you've been wanting to ask other boudoir photographers? This is the time! If you have things that work for you and your business, and you're willing to share, even better!
Sunday 4/11/21
Check out: 11am
You can leave anytime before that.
I ask that you help do any cleaning needed before we leave. The more people that help, the quicker it will go!
Say our goodbyes and make sure we have everyones contact info!
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