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You Don't Have to be a Model to Book a Boudoir Experience

"I don't know how to pose"

Is the most common thing I hear from clients.

I have women come in and tell me they've researched, watched videos and read articles on Boudoir posing and are still pretty nervous or have forgotten almost everything they learned. THAT'S OKAY! Don't stress. It's not your job to know how to pose, which poses to do, where to do them, etc. That's what I'm here for.

Photographer (left) showing client (right) how to do the pose she wants.

From your head, eyes and mouth down to your fingertips and toes, you'll be shown each pose by myself before you're asked to get into it. Still nervous that you're not going to remember everything? Again, that's okay! Once you're in position, I will look over everything with a close eye before capturing the final image.

Are your straps straight? Rings crooked? Hair placed like we want it? Do we want the eyes open or closed? Mouth slightly open or closed? How should the hands be positioned? Do we want the toes pointed? Where should you be looking? All of this will be instructed to you by the photographer, ensuring that you look your absolute best.

"I love my eyes"

We'll try to focus on aspects that you love about yourself, while strategically posing you to help conceal the things you're not so fond of. With that being said, I love a challenge. If you don't think you have a nice tush, back, legs, chest, etc., I will try my hardest to show why you should and can love those things. How will I know these intimate details about yourself? A questionnaire is sent to all of my clients when they book so I can better customize their Boudoir Experience. I'll also learn about why you're booking the session, what kind os music you like, what sizes you wear so I can pull items out of my closet for you and so on.

"I have scars and pimples"

Things like pimples, red spots, bruises, stretch marks and scars (if you want) will more than likely be edited out, depending on the blemish and it's location. with that being said...


Everything you see is done straight out of camera with lighting and posing. I do not make arms/waists smaller or butts/boobs bigger in post. This goes against why I believe you should be booking the experience. I want you to walk away from this experience with a different mindset: Loving Yourself Just The Way You Are.

I'll Never Leave You Hanging

Now that you know you can look and feel like a model, without any research or prior knowledge to the Boudoir World, are you ready to get your Experience started? Contact Paytn Blanke Boudoir today.