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White T-shirt and a Waterfall

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

I never got the opportunity to post these photos! Actually, I should rephrase that - I'm afraid that I'll get kicked off again if I post these photos, because they're HOT! We took these in October. It was pretty chilly out, but she rocked it like we were in a hot tub.

I wish I could photograph at places like this, but they're public. I would hate for us to get kicked out, in trouble or run into a family with small children - which that last one ended up happening. At least I was with a good friend.

We got lucky the entire shoot. Not a single person came down to the falls. We could see people about 200ft. away by the river, but they were far enough that we weren’t worried. AS SOON as I have her hop out of the water to get changed... a family with small children is making their way down the stairs with a clear view of my friends butt. Luckily she wasn't too embarrassed. We laughed it off. The family (and photographer) walked the other direction to avoid us. We left right away, but with some amazing photos that made those last 30 seconds worth it.

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