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'Tis the Season to be Naughty

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Christmas at Paytn Blanke Boudoir!

I've never really done a Christmas Set before. I've had a few clients who wanted something Christmas themed, so I did something tailored to them, but have never offered actual sets to everyone.

I don't know what the heck I've been waiting for. These have been a freakin' BLAST! Just like Halloween - I didn't realize how popular Christmas is with some of my followers.

I was able to do three different sets this year. I'll post photos and go through each one below. I'm thinking next year is going to be fairly similar. So, if you missed out this year, you still have time to get something booked for next year!

I won't be offering minis this way again, so you'll have to stay tuned to check out what 2024's Minis are like! Full sessions are always going to give you the best experience.


The Bedroom Set

This is something that's done during every studio session. It's the main portion of your session. My additional sets are bonus options for you to add onto your session, things like the faux shower, retro set and the sets you'll see posted after the bedroom set you see below.

The red satin sheets don't get used as often as my other color choices.


The Plant Swing Set

This was one of the first sets I made that wasn't the bedroom! It's been a client favorite ever since. I don't see myself getting rid of it any time soon.

In all honesty - I didn't do much to this set. I moved things around, added 2 Christmas trees and wrapped some garland around the swing. But, the way those 3 things made this set POP for the Holiday Season was everything I could have hoped for and more.


All White Set

I had saw another photographer who posted an all white set she did and I wondered if I could something along those lines, I just wasn't sure where to put it without getting another one of my sets in the photos. That's when I thought of the curtains and it ended up working out just like I thought it would!

This set brings me back to my beginning days as a boudoir photographer when I used only artificial lighting. It makes for some brighter images (if that's what you want, we can darken it up as well). My images usually lean towards the dark/moody side, but can get a little brighter every once and a while. This set allows for that bright look some of you may have been missing. (I promise when you see yourself dark and moody, though, you'll be like DAMN, never mind, this is HOTT).

I think I want to get rid of the chair and do white satin sheets instead of the plain white. It's just a simple set that packs up so small, I might end up keeping it year round. What are your thoughts?



Almost every photo I got with the Babe below is a little to spicy for FB and might get me in trouble, but I HAVE to share them somewhere (besides my Instagram). I love the way the entire gallery looks together.

The outfits are hers ACCEPT for the red body harness. That's a client closet piece and an option for babes size S-L.

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