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The Easter Bunny has a Girlfriend?

Once a year for the past three years now my man has transformed into the Easter Bunny for me. Before, he used to dress up to be photographed with children. Now that I’m a full time boudoir photographer, I wanted to keep the bunny tradition alive. We just had to change it up a bit 😉

Honestly, he was not excited when I asked him about it last month. I went to pick up the costume last week and started to get it into his head again. Then, one day he came home and said, “Are we going to do this Bunny thing or what?” I mentioned wanting to curl my hair and get ready. He moaned. So I said, “Fuck it,” and we headed over to my studio. My hair was a mess, I had zero makeup on, but he was actually a little excited. So I was happy. I also was getting the opportunity to shoot. Even though selfies suck and are so hard to do, it felt good to take and edit some photos.

I hope you enjoy this gallery of the Easter Bunny and his Girlfriend.

Happy Easter!

I hope you and your family are able to enjoy this day, even with all of the craziness going on right now. Stay safe, healthy and home!

Much Love,

Paytn Blanke

Boudoir & Empowerment Photographer

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