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My First Live Boudoir Event

Last week I hosted my first live boudoir event. It went better than I could have imagined, and I cannot wait to host another!

I held the event at Holiday’s Pub & Grill in their meeting room. I was nervous for many reasons, one of them being how the images would turn out. The sun ended up making an appearance, mixed with the bedding I brought and a gorgeous model - they turned out better than I could have imagined!

Before showing the images to everyone, I had the model go through to let me know if there were any she didn’t like... She loved them ALL! That made me feel so good. It’s a great feeling when you‘ve done your job correctly and exceeded expectations. She was nervous beforehand, but ROCKED both live sessions. She even wore her most revealing outfit from Victoria’s Secret, that I absolutely love, even though I had told her a tshirt and undies would be fine if she didn’t feel comfortable in a bodysuit. She is a past client of mine, so she knew I would make her look her absolute best, which I think helped push her towards the bodysuit.

I had such a great experience with the restaurant. I would recommend them for all of your small party / meeting needs. In fact, I booked a second live event for Friday, July 30. Be sure to mark your calendars. I would love to see you there!

If you’re interested in booking your own free private live boudoir event, contact me and we’ll get it set up! You just need 5 or more girlfriends 18+ to join. It’s a great way to start a girl’s night, and get all of the information you need about booking a boudoir session with me!

Now what you really came here for..

The images from my Live Boudoir Event!

The model’s review: “This is my second shoot with Paytn, and she once again has made me feel incredibly powerful, sexy and confident. Thank you for helping bring out my inner goddess and reminding me of just how, for lack of a better phrase- DAMN I truly am!!! ❤ I cannot recommend her enough!”
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