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Maternity Boudoir

Whether it's for your first baby, last or a "we're not sure if we're done yet," it's worth documenting.

Maternity boudoir photoshoots can be done solo with just mama or we can bring your partner in as well. We can keep it classy, get spicy or do a good mix between the two. I have lingerie, a black tulle robe, a few different maternity dresses or just the satin sheets to use as outfits. Along with outfits all of my sets in the studio or outdoors work well with maternity. The outdoor creek is one of my favorite spots for these sessions, but we could use the bedroom area, faux shower, plant swing, retro set, star light set and the outdoor tub. I have a few different backdrop colors we can use in studio: Black, Pink & Eggshell.

Here's an example of some images on the pink backdrop.

This is the giant black tulle robe that I love using for Maternity sessions! I've been wanting to get another color, but am still unsure of which to get.

I've never thought to use a body chain during a maternity session before. I was putting them away to make room for outfit options when I found this gold one. I knew it would photograph with the belly perfectly, so I paired it with a simple black bra and underwear set and was so happy when she was down for it!

My 2023 calendar is already filling up quickly with expecting mamas! Don't miss out on your chance to capture your pregnancy in the most beautiful way.



Use code 48FRESH when signing up for your free pre-shoot consultation to receive 50% off of a Fresh 48 Photoshoot when you book a boudoir session.

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