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"I thought it was a sex swing"

From reading the title of this post you might be thinking,

"What the hell? Does she have a sex swing in the studio?!"

The answer to that is... NO! We keep it PG here... kind of ;)

However, I have been working on three new sets for my new studio! No, I'm not moving - I just have an empty space now. For those of you who don't know, at the beginning of the year I transitioned into a full time boudoir photographer. I have stopped photographing babies, children, seniors and families, to focus on the genre I truly love - Boudoir! Because of this decision I cleaned out the studio space next to my current boudoir room and needed some things to fill it back up with! I did a poll in the group to find out what YOU, my beautiful boudoir babes, would want to be photographed in or on. You all gave me some pretty great ideas. Because I have over 500sqft to work with, I was able to pick three new, completely different sets to fill the space. If you watched me go live in the group a few days ago, then you saw the chaise that will be apart of one new set. I've gotten so many requests for one of those, I thought it was time to finally bite the bullet and get one. I didn't realize how hard the color would be, but I like a challenge.

Now, if I were to tell you that I have a new chaise in the studio, you would know exactly what I was talking about. You could picture it in your head: a couch looking piece of furniture with a back, an arm on one side and an open side where an arm would normally be. Something you can lay out on.

But, what if I told you that I got a swing in the studio?

Your mind would wonder...

A sex swing? That's what 90% of my friends thought at first.

A swing you see at a children's park? A tire swing? A chair swing? A bench swing?

That last one is close!

I recently saw some photos a fellow photographer took of a gorgeous babe on a swing her husband built for her. It's like a bench swing, but without the back. I fell in LOVE and thought to myself, if her hubby can build this, then why can't my man?! I sent him the photo and did some pleading. He texted back, "that'll be super easy to make." So, I called my uncle and a few cousins, met them for dinner and had them help me build a swing! After three days of sanding and staining I finally had it done and was able to bring it into the studio.

I had a vision of a "jungle." I wanted a mix between wood and greenery. So, I bought some vines, plants and fur for the seat, added them to the swing and VOILA! The vision in my head was brought to life. I am so excited to be able to offer this new set to all of my future clients, and cannot wait to get some more babes / couples who want to be photographed on this thing!

I hope you're in love with this new swing set just as much as I am!

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The swing set is available with all of our boudoir sessions at no extra charge.

Model: Chandra

Makeup By: Chandra

Location: Paytn Blanke Boudoir

Photographer: Paytn Blanke