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First Outdoor Session of the Year!

If you follow me, then you know I have a faux shower set up, but I've always wanted the real thing in my studio. After last year's bath sessions, I knew I could make some type of shower for Summer. After sitting in the PVC aisle for a half hour, I finally had my vision. With the help of my boyfriend and his Dad we pieced it all together. It photographs even better than I could have imagined! It's about 8ft high and 10ft wide, which gives me so many different angles to work with. It's HUGE.

This year I decided to put a bed outside, instead of under or in something (like last year's tent sessions). I was worried about it looking too plain, BUT I LOVE IT! I love how the focus goes right to the model. Who wouldn't want to hang out on a bed in the middle of a grassy field?! 😍

I've recently opened up a Boudie Call for these outdoor sessions. You can find more information / sign up by following this link >>

Don't want your images shared? Email me, and we can set up a non-boudie call session for you OR sign up for my FREE LIVE EVENT and pick out a discount for your Summer or Studio session! Single, Maternity and Couples all included in the discount! The event is ladies only. Snag your free ticket here >>>

FINALLY... What you really came here for 😉 Model: Brooke

Hair and Makeup: Brooke Ninneman

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