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Faux Shower + Plant Swing

I love that I'm able to move my faux shower around. We can use it in front of the black background with natural white lights or neon lights, in front of the plant swing or the Halloween set - So many options! My last client wanted to do the faux shower in front of the black swing and I am OBSESSING over every single image - especially with her outfit choice!

I especially like the different lighting. Some of my clients love my usual dark and moody images, but some would like them to be a bit brighter. I'm able to give you both - especially when the sun plays with us like it did for this session.

I shoot with ONLY natural light (except with the faux shower on the black background). So the look of your session can really depend on the day. Sometimes the sun shines in, sometimes it's behind a cloud and allows for even more mood in the image. We can avoid direct sunlight or put you right into it. There's so much you can do lighting wise and I love playing with it.

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