The Shower Set

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Everyone has been going crazy over the new shower set, myself included! It's been fun to bring out my flashes and backdrops again. I've been working on new poses to do with it, as well as getting a couple behind the glass. I'm hoping my man will pose with me for a few, but getting him to agree is going to be difficult. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

The comments I've been getting on the shower show just how steamy these photos can get. Scroll to the bottom of this blog for some photos from my last session.

"Girl that shower set is SO HOT!"
"Hawttttt! I’d love to try it out!"

I've been getting so many requests from clients to add it onto their session - which isn't an additional charge, by the way!

If you're interested in being photographed on our new shower set and need a weekend date, send us a message or email to book ASAP! Our weekends are filled until May. We shoot on weekdays at 3pm.

Contact Link: Email:

Really wanting to be photographed in the shower, but don't want to get naked? No worries. You can wear your lingerie and it still looks HOT! Check out the photos below from last week's session as proof.

Try it in front of the plant swing for a different look!

Or ask me about the neon lights!

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