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Boudoir From the Comfort of Your Home

Let me come to you!

A few years ago I took some photos of a friend in her home. I had a blast working in a new setting. It's fun creating new poses and working with new lighting. I have been dying to do it again, so I asked a friend of mine who recently moved into a new apartment. A way to kind of document it. My creative juices were really flowing.

We started in the kitchen. I asked if she had any coffee mugs. I was so happy when she pulled this one out! I love when my friends support me.

Then, we moved to the bedroom and ended with a few in the shower. It's fun being able to move from one "set" to the other.

I would love to do more at home sessions.

Have a home you want to show off? Recently moved or renovated and want to document it? Nervous and thinking the comfort of your home might help?

Let's chat!

I would love to be your at home boudoir photographer.

Click the link below, sign up for a free pre-shoot consultation and let's talk more about making this session a reality!

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