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Be Nervous, Together!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

I recently worked with 3 best friends who wanted to do a group photoshoot together. I immediately thought "pillow fight" and wanted feathers flying around everywhere. They were down and SO excited for it. One of the ladies brought in 3 feathered pillows. We cut a slit into the end of them, so the the feathers would go flying as they flung the pillows around, and they did! The pick up afterwards was so much easier when I had the 3 of them to help me, but DANG we got feather EVERYWHERE. I'm sure I'll be finding them again over the next few weeks.

Of course, we had to get some more "boudoir" like images as well. I mean how often can I say I had 3 ladies in the studio at once?!

Besides the group photos, we were able to get some solo mini sessions done. Everyone was able to get a taste of what a full service boudoir photoshoot is like, feeling hyped up by not only me, but their friends shouting in the background.

This is the perfect "Ladies Night" (day, actually).

  • Sleep in

  • Eat a light breakfast

  • Get showered and ready

  • Come in comfy clothes

  • Get dressed at the studio

  • Do your single sessions

  • End with a fun group session

  • Have your reveal together

  • Go out for dinner, drinks, dancing, etc. after

A great way to celebrate a friendship, birthday girl, bride and more!

3 Best Friends

Sign up for a free pre-shoot consultation by following the link below (make sure your girlfriends can be there for the call as well), and use the code BESTIES, so I know that you saw this post & are interested in a group boudoir session. You have to sign up for a free pre-shoot consultation phone call in order to book your session.

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