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All Bodies Are Boudie Bodies!

I had so much fun at my first group photoshoot and think the models did as well! I definitely want to offer more of these in the future.

We started out with one of my swag t-shirts and jeans while everyone was getting to know each other. All of these ladies have never met before, so I'm sure they were a little nervous. This was a great way to break the ice.

Then it was time to get them used to seeing each other with a little less clothing...

I love that each girl is totally different. Different peaches, hair colors, styles, tattoos, skin tones, shapes and sizes! I welcome and want to work with all booty's and bodies. It's so important to me that you feel comfortable, confident and sexy when you're in front of my lens. There's never any shame, hate or discrimination. I just want to bring out your inner GODDESS and that confidence you've been hiding away. We are all beautiful.

I was super excited to get some individual photos of each babe before ending with a lingerie group session!

I was even able to get into a few photos!

You might be wondering who took these photos? My amazing boyfriend, Ryan, with my help of course! I asked if he would be willing to take 2 photos, and he kindly agreed. He's always there to support me whenever I need it. It's amazing having a partner in life like him!

Here's a few more photos from the individual sessions.

Women supporting women is an amazing sight to see!

Would you be interested in signing up for a group photoshoot next year?! I might even offer them in my studio over the winter! Comment on the Facebook post and tell me!

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