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Hey, Babe!

My name is Paytn Blanke. I am a Boudoir Photographer whose goal is to empower every woman I have the opportunity to work with. I truly believe any woman or couple should experience a Boudoir Session - no matter their age, shape or size. Not only does it help you overcome the fear of being vulnerable in front of a stranger, but you get to take away something from it as well. You can say that YOU did it. You can look at your body in a way you've never experienced before. You can gain that confidence boost you've been searching for. A Boudoir Session if above all for YOU and only YOU! If you have a significant other who will be receiving these as a gift, that's just a bonus, because you are giving a gift to yourself by biting the bullet and booking the session. I love being able to witness this experience and the change that happens with the babes I work with.

I pride myself in the level of professionalism I maintain while keeping it light and fun. It's important for you to feel completely comfortable throughout your entire Boudoir Experience - I have yet to have a complaint. In fact, I've watched more women transform from "I'm so Nervous, I hate my body" to "Wow that's ME?!" than I could have ever imagined. Not only am I empowering women, but I am empowering myself by witnessing these changes in attitude and self confidence.

Fill out the contact form above so we can get you started on your very own empowering boudoir experience.

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