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Photographer Boudie Vacation!

The chance to hang out, talk with and photograph other Boudoir Photographers! Now doesn't that sound lovely?!
The Second Weekend of April
Either Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday
I'm Paytn Blanke.
I own a boudoir studio in Sheboygan Falls, WI.
I've been doing this fulltime for over a year, and practicing for three years! I have a love and passion for this industry. Making women feel good about themselves and their bodies makes me feel AMAZING.
Join me for a fun night in Chicago!
How I got the Idea?
I've been dying to put myself into my client's shoes. Yes, I've taken selfies. Yes, I've had my boyfriend give it a try. BUT it's just not the same. So I posted looking to see if anyone wanted to collab and found a girl a few (more like 8 I think) hours away from me - Joy - Check out her work HERE. She mentioned how it could be a "girls night," and I thought, "maybe there's a few other photographers feeling the same way as me, or ones who just really need something like this."
And Now Here We Are
I'm still working out the details, but need to gauge the amount of ACTUAL interest in this before booking an airbnb and continuing with the planning. I will contact all of you with updates as the time goes!

Once I everyone has paid I'll create a Facebook Group Chat. Then you'll know who you're going to be staying with, can figure out car pooling, etc.
What I Have Already Done?
  • Messaged a TON of air bnb's to get permission and have heard back from almost all of them. There's some gorgeous options for us.
  • I created this poll below, which will then help me get a list of those interested and I can finalize details.
  • We are going to have a dinner at the house that night that will be included in your ticket. YUMMY FOOD.
  • I'm hoping everyone will want to model and sign releases. So, you'll get tons of images to use, at a gorgeous venue, photos of you taking photos PLUS photos of yourself.
  • I do know that I will be asking for a deposit, or you can pay in full. The deposit will be nonrefundable.
  • I might have some swag for everyone for the event
Fill out the form below if you're still interested!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a Facebook Message!
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