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Don't Forget to Tag Me!

Please tag my page when posting your images on social media!

Facebook: @Paytn Blanke Boudoir

Instagram: @Pbpboudoirvip

TikTok: @Pbboudoir

Social Media Posts...

When making your social media post(s) for your additional images, copy and paste the message below. You can add your own flare to it if you'd like, but it should be something that gets people to message you, so they can chat more about it & get the link/special code from you!


LADIES! I just had the best experience with (TAG MY PAGE HERE) and want you to feel the confidence I do right now! Message me to chat more and get my special discount code. You won't regret it.



Do not share what you've paid for the session. You got a super freakin' discounted session in exchange for doing a bunch of things for me. Your friends will still get a discount, but it will be a full session experience.

Make sure to stay excited when making posts & texting friends!! Remember how you felt during your photoshoot, when you saw your images and when you left the studio. You want (i hope) other women to feel that way as well, so staying hyped is important!

If you see a post of mine, please give it a like and comment. If you can share it as well (my public pages) I would love that!

I'm counting on you ladies to help get me fully booked for the rest of the year!


Thank you so much for booking a session and being my personal hype girl. I can't tell you how much it means to me. I've been digging myself deeper and deeper into a weird funk over the last few months. I'm not sure if it's because I've never had that in business and it was finally my time to take a break, the wedding, or a bunch of different things. But, I'm ready to get back at it, get babes in front of my camera and spread as much confidence as possible!

Much Love,

Paytn Blanke

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