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Paytn Blanke



Book your custom, full service boudoir photoshoot with Paytn Blanke Boudoir today.

A Boudoir Session is more than a photoshoot in lingerie. It's a reminder than you ARE sexy, beautiful & unique.

A Full Service Boudoir Photoshoot is a great way to help boost the confidence you already have, or help you find where it's been hiding all along. 

A lady crawling on the bed that has blue satin sheets

Paytn does an AMAZING job at making sure you feel comfortable, and confident. She is so friendly you almost forget you’re half naked in front of her. She does everything capture the good angles, and she does everything in her power to show you how to pose, and little hacks to create the best image possible! This is by far the best experience to have, someone to help you shake any anxiety’s & what ifs & help you feel confident & sexy. I’m a mom of one & the photos I have gotten done by Paytn remind me everyday that I still got it!


-Miss C



First, you need to book your free pre-shoot consultation phone call. This is where we'll chat more about what your experience would look like, what you're looking for, questions you may have, ect. From there we can get you booked or you can take some time to think about it. There's never any pressure to book ASAP. I want this to be something you want to do for yourself, even if you're nervous - nerves are normal!

Let's Chat!

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Do I have to get naked? Do I have to bring outfits? Is hair and makeup provided? Will you share my images? How do I pose? Do I have to prepay? What if I don't have a significant other?

Meet the Photographer

Hey, Babe! My name is Paytn Blanke.

I'm the owner and the smiling face behind the camera here at Paytn Blanke Boudoir! I've had the pleasure of working with 250+ women over the last 5 years when I decided to dabble in the art of boudoir. Over 2 years ago, I decided this was my love and went full time with it. It's been a fun journey ever since! Read more about my photography journey and a little about who I am personally, below.

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Prep Emails

Come fully prepared to your session thanks to my scheduled emails & your answers on your questionnaire. Plus, I'm always here if you have questions about anything.

Client Closet

I have a client closet of lingerie, shoes, body harnesses, fishnets, crop tops, sweaters, ect. ranging from sizes XS-3X.
See My Lingerie Guide HERE.

Private Studio
+ Outdoor Summer Sets

I offer an indoor studio space in Sheboygan Falls that has my bedroom set, as well as a few other bonus sets. I also offer an Outdoor Tub or Creek in the Summer.

Professional Hair + Makeup

I have a list of hair and makeup artists I work with to allow more open session dates and ensure you're looking your best during your photoshoot!

Professional Posing & Editing

I have continued my education over the years with all things boudoir. From the experience, to shooting, posing, editing, lighting and more, I've got you covered. 

Payment Plans

I offer prepayment plans up to 12 months! These are done in house, so no credit checks. Split your total & have something to look forward to! Click HERE for pricing.

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Are you okay with having your images shared? In exchange for singing a full model release, you'll receive a waived session fee, additional bonus option & have the opportunity to snag free images!

Thanks for submitting!


641 Monroe St.

Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085


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Thanks for submitting!

The VIP Facebook Group



The Session Process

From start to finish I am here for you every step of the way - Answering your questions, preparing you, calming your nerves, giving advice, being your personal hype girl and so much more. Know you're in great  hands here at Paytn Blanke Boudoir.

From Start to Finish


First we'll have your pre-shoot consultation (or a phone call after if you need time to book) where we'll figure out the best date, time, collection and payment option for you. After that you'll be sent over a contract & your retainer invoice. Then you'll receive your first welcome email going over your consultation and session details again. After that and until your session date you'll receive a few other preparation emails, things like: what to do and what not to do, shopping lists if you want to purchase lingerie, your questionnaire that needs to be filled out, confirmation, reminders, ect. From the time of your consultation to your session date, I am there to answer any questions or calm any nerves you might have.


I always suggest taking the day off for your photoshoot and really making the focus about YOU. You deserve to feel pampered and sexy. I suggest sleeping in, showering, getting ready, eating a light meal and heading to the studio in something loose fitting and comfortable. As soon as you walk in the studio your favorite music will be playing. I'll greet you, take your things to the dressing room and your bag of outfits over to the bed, so we can go through everything together and decide what you're going to wear during your photoshoot. If you don't have a bunch or any outfits at all, or you want to see if there's more you like, I have a client closet ranging from sizes S-3X with items for you to choose from. Once we've got the outfits situated, you'll head into the hair and makeup chair. My artists can do anything from natural to glam, lashes or no lashes, curl or straighten of the hair and will make changes at the end if there's anything you don't like. We'll head right into the photoshoot portion of your session once you've approved hair and makeup. If you're still feeling super nervous, we'll start you in your least revealing or most comfortable outfit and work our way from there. I'll get into every pose before you and then I'll tweak you once you're in it to make sure you're looking like the Queen you are. You'll quickly feel your nerves melt away as you see the sneak peeks of the back of my camera, hear me cheering you on and see that this is basically like a photoshoot with a friend. After we're done with your photoshoot we'll view your images that same day (unless you're doing a sunset outdoor session). You'll be able to pick your favorites and walk away with images you love and a new level of confidence. 


I ask for 6-8 weeks after full payment is complete before sending out any digital images or physical product. If you oder an album, you'll be sent a proof where you can make changes or give me the go ahead to place the order. All collections come with digitals. All digitals come in color and black and white, on an online gallery, on a crystal USB drive on an app and with a print release. The level of image sharing by me is up to you and will be discussed prior to or during the reveal.

The Sets

I love that I have enough space and enough outdoor access to have more than 1 set available for my clients to choose from. Want to combine an indoor set with an outdoor one? Book a free pre-shoot consultation and let's chat more about what a combined indoor/outdoor boudoir photoshoot experience is like.



Hey, Babe!

I'm back again to tell you a little bit more about myself and my journey with boudoir photography! I think it's important you know who's taking your half naked photos and that you vibe with them.

I got my first DSLR camera in 2016. Shortly after receiving it, I fell in love. I wanted to get it off of auto mode and onto manual, so I made a Facebook post asking if I had any friends willing to model for me for free. Two of my girlfriends responded, booked and psoted their images. After that, I had their friends contacting me, my friends and my friends friends. I started charging people & grew so quickly that my two part time jobs were getting in the way of my photography business. That's when I knew it was time to quit everything else and go full time with photography.

Fast forward 2 years (2018). My Mom invited me to join a MKE Photographer's VIP Boudoir Group on Facebook. I was like, "What is this? People pay for photos like this?" Keep in mind, I was still fairly young at this point. I decided to do a little more research to see if this would be something I was interested in. I was super nervous in the beginning, because I realized how intimate and important these sessions are for the women that do them. I didn't want to mess anything up.

Again, I posted on my Facebook page and asked my girlfriends if anyone was willing to pose for me. I got 5 yes's! I booked a hotel room adn was all set for my first ever boudoir sessions. The night before I got SO nervous, I asked my Fiancé to take his clothes off and pose for me. I felt a smidge better after. I ended up loving every single person I worked with and decided I was going to get a studio, so I had somewhere to do it fulltime.

Of course, "new businesses" take time. Eventually, I was able to focus all of my time and energy on boudoir - and it's been amazing ever since!

If you chat with me during your consultation or session, you might hear more about my personal life. Things like my love of animals - I have dogs, cats, goats and chickens - Pink is my favorite color, but really I love them all, Summer if my favorite season - I love sunshine. Whatever you wrote down to listen to in the studio, I dig it. I like all genres of music and art.

Book a free preshoot consultation phone call and let's get to know each other a little more!

Much Love,

Paytn Blanke


Don't Miss a Thing!



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions after reading this, please don't hesitate to reach out. CONTACT ME

Do I have to get naked?

No! It's 100% up to you how exposed you get. You'll be asked your comfort level in your questionnaire before your session, and then again during your session when you may feel a little more open.

Will you share my images?

Again, this is up to you! If you're singing up for a Boudie Call, you're signing a full model release, allowing me to share your images how I see fit. If you don't want your images shared, then you'll sign up for a "normal" session and sign a model release at the end, letting me know how you would like me to handle your images.

How do I book a session?

Book a free pre-shoot consultation to book your boudoir session. You must book a free pre-shoot consultation. This is the easiest, quickest way to get all of the details I need from you and for you to get everything you need from me.

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! I offer in house prepayment plans up to 12 months. I know the price can be overwhelming (but so worth it) at first for some. I want to give every babe a chance to walk out of my doors feeling like a million bucks, which is why I offer these. If you have questions about setting up a payment plan, fill out a contact form or sign up for a free pre-shoot consultation.

When will I see my images?

If you are doing an indoor studio session: You will see your images 30-60 minutes after the photoshoot portion of your session.

If you are doing an outdoor session: We shoot at sunset, so we can meet back at the studio the next morning, or on a different day that works best for you.

Where are you located?

My studio is located in Downtown Sheboygan Falls. I have 2 outdoor locations with sets, one in Plymouth and one in Elkhart Lake. Click here for my studio and contact info.

Can I bring a friend?

If you feel more comfortable with a friend there, I won't deny them, but I highly recommend coming alone OR booking a session WITH your friend! If you want more info about double bookings, contact me.

When do I receive my images back?

I ask for 6-8 weeks after full payment has been completed to get your images/products back. Please keep this in mind when booking your session. You'll be asked if you need your images back by a certain date before booking. If you are wondering if I have an open within the next 6-8 weeks and need your images within that time frame as well, contact me and we can chat about rushing things.

I am worried about posing, do you help?

Heck yes! Throughout the entire session I will be there coaching and cheering you on. I get into every pose before you. Once you're in the pose, I'll tweak you so you look your absolute best. Every once in a while you'll see a sneak peek on the back of my camera to show you just how AMAZING you look. If you're worried about posing restrictions, send me a message and let's chat! I've worked with many different women with different needs before.

I have no idea what to do about lingerie.

Prior to your session you will be sent a few links to my favorite lingerie shops as well as my Amazon list. You are more than welcome to bring a duffle bag of items along and I will help you sort through and decide. If you're feeling nervous bring a t-shirt, button up or sweater for the first few images. I also offer a client closet of sizes XS-3X that you are more than welcome to, unless otherwise discussed (some specialty sessions).

What if I don't have a significant other?

First and foremost, this session is for YOU. If you have a significant other or are doing this as a gift for them, first realize that you are doing something that might be out of your comfort zone, but will in turn give you benefits you never knew you needed. It's just a bonus if you have someone to share them with. I know if your besties hear what you did, they're going to be DYING to see them.

Do I have to prepay?

Yes. A prepayment plan or full payment is required when booking your boudoir photoshoot, unless otherwise discussed. If you do the prepayment option, you'll be able to give yourself something to look forward to - science says that's important for our mental health!

Click HERE for pricing.

Still have questions?
Click HERE to be taken to my contact form. However, I highly reccomend signing up for a free pre-shoot consultation instead. It's quicker, easier and a great way to break the ice and get over your nerves! You won't regret it. Let's chat today!


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